The Admiralty Sailing Craft (ASC) 16 foot dinghy is a traditional pulling and sail-training open dinghy, extensively used by Sea Cadet Units and latterly by corporates for teambuilding exercises and competition on coastal and inland waters. It is suitable for pulling with 5 – 6 oars and has a stern sculling facility. It has a gunter sailing rig, a lifting centreboard and rudder and is safe and simple in operation.

The heavy and durable construction ensures that the boat can be simply maintained at minimal cost and is accordingly great value for money.


LENGTH 5m 16′ 6″
BEAM 2.025m
HEIGHT 0.756m
DRAUGHT (Plate Up) 0.26m
DRAUGHT (Plate Down) 1.14m
OARS 5 – 6
MAIN SAIL 127.5 sq. ft
JIB 44 sq. ft
TOTAL SAIL AREA 171.5 sq. ft




The Admiralty specification written in 1925 was for a clinker-built wooden craft. In 1961 it was updated to allow construction of the external hull (only) in the then new GRP, and in 1975 (in consultation with Bossoms) a shift to full GRP construction was approved – with fittings in stainless steel and revisions to the sailing rig.

Hull construction is now entirely of glass reinforced plastic with wooden thwarts, bilge rails and handholds and heavy wooden gunwale rubbers. The substantial wood bottom boards are covered with non-slip treadmaster and are fitted with stretcher cleats and moveable stretchers. The majority of fittings are in polished stainless steel and the mast, boom and gaff are in Sitka Spruce.

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