Archaeological evidence shows there has been boatbuilding activity at Bossoms’ Binsey site beside the River Thames since prehistoric times. The Bossom family built boats here from about 1830 until 1945 when the last in a line of several generations retired from the family business. Bossoms is one of the few boat builders still in existence that exhibited at the first ever London Boat Show.


Bossoms was one of the first boat builders to develop the use of GRPs for hulls and today, as boating people rediscover the practicality and joy of silent and odourless cruising (try it – and be amazed that you and your crew can talk without raising your voices, because the only competing sounds are from river wildlife and the ripple under the bow), we build more and more craft with electric motors, helping to make today’s Bossoms boats as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising their performance or endurance – they will cruise all day at 5 knots and can easily be charged overnight from mains supply or generator.

Bossoms Boatyard strives for the highest standards of quality and customer service. Bossoms formally adopted Quality Management principles in 1995 and proudly maintains an ISO 9001/2000 rating. We are firmly committed to continuous review of every stage of the process of which we form part, in order to maintain and improve the quality of material supply, design, manufacture and delivery of all our products. And we always remember that the customer is not just a buyer, but a partner in the process.


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