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The classic 14 foot Bosun Sailing Dinghy was originally designed by Ian Proctor for Bossoms Boatyard in 1963 in response to a competitive request for tender from the Royal Navy for a new Admiralty Sailing Dinghy. The requirement was for a safe and durable sea-training boat, interesting to race from shore or from Her Majesty's warships.

The Bosun was chosen after extensive trials and the Navy have over 800 of the approximately 2500 built so far.


The design was so successful and the quality so good that there have been few substantial modifications in the last 45 years of production (most notably to add a spinnaker, vertical rudder, self bailers and spreaders; more recently Bossoms in consultation with Selden, the MOD and Class/RNSA have revised the mast specification to improve performance and buoyancy and reduce cost).

The Bosun was designed with sufficient stability and buoyancy to train and encourage four large and healthy but not necessarily very skilful sailors. It has comfortable rolled side tanks and a high boom and is now regarded as ideal also for corporate team and match racing, cruising and family use.

It is not the fastest but is probably the toughest sailing dinghy on the market today and therefore great value for money. Boats of 30 years old are still competitive. Boats replaced by the Navy are taken up by the Sea Cadets.

It is built by Bossoms on a hand-laid and very stiff GRP hull, with a steel centreplate, and the hardwoods used to finish its stem, keel, gunwale, transom and thwart (originally for protection and ease of maintenance) now lend an air of substance and quality which modern rotary moulded polypropylene boats simply cannot rival!

Bossoms carries or sources the full range of approved Bosun spares, many of them hand built by Bossoms.


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